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Welcome to Ras Hotel

Welcome to Ras Hotel, arguably the most well known in the Ethiopian hotel sector, that has been, for decades, the landmark of downtown Addis and a staying place for people who made into the history books (including, no other person of less stature than, who else, Nelson Mandela - the secular God).

It is located at the heart of the city along the major road named after Winston Churchill. It is only a ten minutes drive from the Bole International air Port. It is in a walking distance from Leghar rail way station, National and Ambassador Theaters.

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Ras Hotel At A Glance

Ras Hotel, arguably the most well known in the Ethiopian hotel sector, has been, for decades, the landmark of downtown Addis. Ras Hotel is, in its own right a destination, as well as a guest friendly hotel to stay in.

Ras Hotel has single beds, double beds and suits; four restaurants with a choice of Ethiopian and International cuisines; a free Wi-Fi and wired broadband internet; meeting rooms and halls, bar/bistro with 50 seats, and well-equipped laundry and a stand-by generator. The hotel's staff will be able to book tours and sightseeing activities in Ethiopia, as well as provide dining suggestions.

Attractions close to Ras Hotel include Addis Ababa Stadium, the National Museum, National Theater and different churches. It's at the heart of Addis Ababa, the capital of Africa, and major governmental bureaus & offices Main Ticket office of Ethiopian and other Airlines, Ethiotelecom, Bole International Airport and others are few minutes walk and some drive away.

  • Foods and Drinks

    Ras Hotel provides delicious national and international dishes and drinks at an affordable prices for all classes of the society. Menus are edited and regulated frequently and are put

    Bedrooms Ras Hotel provides best bedroom rates in Addis Ababa.

    1. Single Bed 514.00ETB (Ethiopian)
    40.00USD (Foreigners)

    2. Double Bed 610.00ETB (Ethiopian)
    50.00USD (Foreigners)

    3. Twin Bed 640.00ETB (Ethiopian)
    61.00USD (Foreigners)

    4. Twin Bed (Plus Extra Bed) 715.00ETB (Ethiopian)
    65.00USD (Foreigners)

    5. Semi-suite 740.00ETB (Ethiopian)
    67.00USD (For
    Hall & Meeting Rooms Ras Hotel has multipurpose hall and medium to small size meeting rooms. Be it a meeting, memorable wedding ceremony, or a workshop, a training... we provide the best affordable rates in town.

    Other Srvices Our customers deserve lots of free services. During your stay at Ras Hotel, long or short term, we offer you several free services:

    >> High Speed Wifi
    >> Parking
    >> Breakfast
    >> Wake-up call
    >> 24-hrs front desk support, and many more

  • Ras Hotel is located at heart of the city, from which many important offices, bureaus, business institutions and entertainment areas are easily accessible.


    Ethiopian National Theater shares a wall; Ethiopian Airlines Ticket Office, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, and Ethiotelecom are on the other front side of the street.


    Awash Bank and Awahs Insurance head offices are at the back side; United Bank, Ministry of Defence, Ambassador Theater, Ethiopian Radion and Television Agency, Addis Ababa Stadium, Ministry of Transportation, Post Office, Radio Fana, Immigration Office, Legahar Railway Station are all not more than 5 minutes walk.


    Ethiopian President's Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister Office, Ministry of Trade, Economic Commission for Africa, African Union, Chamber of Commerce, Federal Police, Ministry of Education, Merccato - Africa's Largest Open Market - many other hotels, embassies and cousellar offices are just within 10 minutes of drive away.


    Only 15 minutes from Bole International Airport, this hotel has been a staying place for many VIP's, including but not only His Excellency Nelson Mandela. Taste the vibrant, colorful African culture. Visit the Shiro Meda market, where traditional craftsmen sell home-made wares. Learn more at Addis Ababa University, the oldest university in the country, founded in 1950 at the request of Emperor Haile Selassie. Climb the Entoto Mountains and admire the breathtaking views of rural life and farmland, from the place that Emperor Menelik II and Queen Taitu drew the boundaries of Addis Ababa.

World Class Restuarants

Ras Hotel's on-site restaurants are ideal options for guests wishing to dine in.

Bone Appetite!

Standard Bars

There are answers for all your orders. We have peaceful bars with drinks from traditional to international standards, where you drink responsibly.Our waiters are always standby to serve your desire. For individuals, couples, or group celebrations, our bars suitably accommodate you with more that 50 comfortable seats.

Deluxed Bedrooms

Ras Hotel has neat bedrooms of different types. All the large rooms are equipped with refrigerator, satellite TV, extension telephone, wired & wireless internet, bath... Bedroom  rates include breakfast, broadband internet service, 24-hours front desk support,  24-hours room service and a wake-up call service.

Other Services

Modern Halls & Meeting Rooms

Ras Hotel has multipurpose halls and medium to small size meeting rooms. Be it a meeting, memorable wedding ceremony, or a workshop, a training... any kind of gathering, Ras Hotel is here for you located at its best from any direction.

We also provide foods and drinks to our halls and meeting rooms with our hospitable waiters and waitresses. Your demand is the limit, and your satisfaction is our profit. Our halls are equipped with latest sound equipments and are decorated on your interest and on your wish.

Security is also not an issue to fear of in our halls and hotel vicinity. Come and be part of our witnesses, it will be the place of your next choices.

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