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እንደምን አደርክ አቶ ሙላት? | Endemin aderk Ato Mulat? | Good morning Ato Mulat.

እንደምን አደርሽ ወይዘሪት ኤደን? | Endemin adersh weizerit Eden? | Good morning Miss Eden.

እንደምን አደርክ ዶክተር ከበደ? | Endemin aderk doctor Kebede? | Good morning Doctor Kebede.

እንደምን አደርሽ እመቤት ኢለኒ? Endemin adersh Emebet Eleni? | Good morning Madame Eleni.

እንደምን አመሸህ ጌታዬ? | Endemin amesheh getaye?| Good evening sir.

እንደምን አመሸሽ ወይዘሪት ኤልሳቤት? | Endemin ameshesh weizerit Elzabeth? | Good evening Miss Elizabeth.

እንዴት ነህ አቶ ዘላለም? | Endet neh Ato Zelalem? | How are you Mr. Zelalem.

እንዴት ነህ ኢንጅነር ዘላለም? | Endet neh engineer Zelalem? | How are you engineer Zelalem.

እንዴት ነሽ ወይዘሮ ፀሐይ? | Endet nesh weizero Tsehay? | How are you Mrs. Tsehay ( In Ethiopian this is her real name, in the westerners the name would have been her husband's.)

እንዴት ነሽ ወይዘሪት ሃና? | Endet nesh weizerit Hannah? | How are you Miss Hannah.

Responses: (For all)

እኔ በጣም ደህና ነኝ አንተስ? | Ene betam dehna negn, antes? | I am very fine thank you, and you? or for female asking the questions;

እኔ በጣም ደህና ነኝ አንችስ? | Ene betam dehna negn, anchis? | I am very fine thank you, and you?

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